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Our History

Since its foundation on July 1, 1985, Btomec has consolidated itself as a reference in the manufacture of multi-cavity and high-performance moUlds in the segments of cosmetics, hygiene, pharmaceutical/hospital and food industries, which require BTOMEC moUlds for injection of high-quality plastic packaging and lids. Since then delivering more than 1000 moulds to the market. More than 300 moulds for Flip Top Covers, with some moulds producing with quality for over a decade.

BTOMEC still maintains the focus of its operations in these market segments, aware that the final products of the customers (food, cosmetics, medicines, hygiene products) are of fast and continuous consumption, characterizing a constant demand for the supply chain.

Considering the expansion of the brand and its potential market, BTOMEC started its export activities in 2012 to South and Central America as well as the European continent. Thus conquering the trust and satisfaction of its customers in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, France and Sweden, among other countries. Thus, based on the feedback from the companies served, especially on the satisfaction of large multinational customers, we can be sure of being among the Top 10 mould industries in Latin America. Investing in Quality processes, ISO 9001, production environments with constant temperature and vibrational control, as well as project and process controls based on the CP CPK Process Capacity Indices.

At the same time, we continually expand our participation in the Brazilian market based on a competitive price and great expertise in developing effective and innovative solutions, with technology as the basis for business continuity and success. To deliver excellence in moulds for Injection Covers, Flip Top Covers with IMC (In mould close), Standard Covers, Moulds for Bi-Injection, Moulds for Cosmetics, Precision Moulds, Multi-Cavity Moulds, Moulds for Injection of Technical Parts, Moulds for Injection of packaging with thin wall, Interchangeable cavities, Interchangeability in assembly, Multicomponent Injection Moulds, Bicolor Injection Moulds, among others.

Mould Design

Production of pieces faithful to their initial projects

Mould Manufacturing

Parts manufactured with the aid of “high ends” software

Mould Testing

We validate the moulds according to the specifications


Always looking for the evolution of its technological industrial park, BTOMEC constantly invests in the best machining, measuring, automation and CAx machinery, providing our customers with more than 4000h/m of effective and exceptional manufacturing of high quality.

To meet the most demanding tolerances and ensure repeatability in the manufacture of your moulds and spare parts, our manufacturing area has an air-conditioned environment that ensures the best possible quality throughout the production process.

The manufacture of moulds with large quantities of cavities, all of which are interchangeable, requires not only the best equipment, but also the best professionals in the area, in which they meticulously operate their work placement.

Thus, having the ability to assemble complex moluds and the ability to manufacture high-precision parts, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by ensuring the delivery of optimized moulds that guarantee the desired injection process.


BTOMEC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and, as its basic work principles are focused on guaranteeing the quality of our products and total customer satisfaction, investment in technology, the improvement of procedures and a highly qualified team are essential elements for meeting the Client’s expectations, having him as a business partner.


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